Project Laboratory - Room C406

C460 Project Laboratory

There are 25 bench positions, available on a first come first served basis.

A range of equipment, including oscilloscopes, power supplies and signal generators are held on the racking in the lab. Please replace these after use.

Report faulty equipment to the technician and don't just put it back for someone else to find !

There are 40 lockers in the laboratory to enable you to store your project hardware. Locker keys are available for a refundable deposit of £10. See the Technical officer who will give you a form to take to the student centre. In times of high demand students may have to share lockers. 

When you have finished with your key return it to the Technical officer who will give you another key form to take to the student centre to get your deposit back.

You will normally build and develop your hardware on prototype board which allows you to quickly insert and remove components without soldering, or vero board. These are available from the technical staff.

Single core wire, resistors and capacitors are available in the lab.