Ordering Components

You have a budget to work to, which is :-

EE4/KME4 students £50
MSc students £70

This represents a limit you must work to as would be the case in industry. It is therefore important that you think your project through and carry out a costing before you start.

You should see the Technician in the Projects Laboratory for a general discussion about your project and the ordering process.

Component Stores

We keep commonly used resistors and capacitors in the Projects lab and a small stores in the department which holds commonly used components.

Look for the stores components catalogues in the labs for stock details. You should check to see if we have the components in stores before looking elsewhere.

For any items in the stores see the technical officer in the projects laboratory.

Ordering Process

You need to do a feasibility study and agree your entire circuit with your supervisor so that you can place an order for all of your components at the same time (which may be with different suppliers).

The order then needs to be given to the technician in the appropriate division your supervisor is in so they can fill out the order form to have approved by their budget holder.