Development Kits

The School has a variety of development kits available for students to use on the Final Year Projects.


Sharc DSP board

There are a range of Arduino development bords covering different applications and uses an open-source prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software.


Altium Nano board

Altium's NanoBoard-3000 is an FPGA-based development board that allows rapid and interactive implementation and debugging of FPGA using Altium's development system.

If you need a copy of the software it can be dowlnloaded from the Altium web site site. Make sure you choose the 10/12 installer.

You will need to be registered in order to download the software. If you are not registered then send your name, course, year and email address to John Wilmot at


bluetooth module

The development board allows the Bluetooth or Wireless LAN Module to be connected to a PC. The development board provides RS-232 level conversion through a standard 9 way D type connector to all pins of the 40 way and a 50 way Hirose connecters used by Bluetooth or Wireless LAN interface. A separate connector is provided for PCM audio for use with the 40 way Bluetooth modules. Features:

Sharc DSP EZ-Kit

Sharc DSP board

The ADSP-21065L EZ-KIT Lite is an evaluation kit for Analog Devices. The hardware evaluation board is specifically tuned to the features of the ADSP-21065L.