Laboratory Equipment

The laboratory contains general items of equipment for use in the Development and Testing of your project work. These include:

Click on the pictures to download the operating instructions.

Function Generators

There other items of equipment available in the Faculty, However, these are located in other Labs in the School.

Should you require the use of Non Standard lab equipment please see the Technical Officer.

Please DO NOT remove equipment from any labs without express permission from the Technical Officer.

Items that can be loaned out to you include,:

these items will be your responsibility to look after and return them after use.

Power Supplies

Switch Mode power supply units manufactured by the University. These self contained units are capable of supplying the following voltages: 

+24V @ 2A     +12V @ 3A     -12V @ 2A      +5V @ 2A

Fixed/Variable voltage power supply units. These units can supply a fixed +5V & +12V supply, also a variable voltage of 0 - 30V @ 2A






USB interface boards