We hold data-sheets on many items that are found in the stores inventory. Click on the appropriate section below for the relevant data sheets.

Linear ICs


Component Description Data Sheet
LM324 OP-AMP,Bi-Pol,Quad LM324.pdf
LM741 OP-AMP,Bi-Pol,Single LM741.pdf
LM747 OP-AMP,Bi-Pol,Dual LM747.pdf
OP27 OP-AMP,Bi-Pol,Single,Low noise OP27.pdf
LM318 OP-AMP,Bi-Pol,Single LM318.pdf
LF351 OP-AMP,BiFET I/P,Single LF351.pdf
TL071 OP-AMP,JFET,Single,Low noise TL071.pdf
TL072 OP-AMP,JFET,Dual,Low noise TL072.pdf
TL074 OP-AMP,JFET,Quad,Low noise TL074.pdf
LM380 2 W AUDIO AMP LM380.pdf

Opto devices

Component Description DataSheet
SFH750 fibre-optic emitter 50M@15Mbit/sec SFH750.pdf
SFH250 fibre-optic receiver 50M@15Mbit/sec SFH250.pdf
4N25X Opto-isolator, High Speed, Photo-transistor o/p 4N25X.pdf
Opto-switch Opto-switch, slotted optoswitch.pdf
Opto-switch Opto-switch, reflective optoswitch.pdf
LCD4.5 LCD,4.5 digit,direct drive lcd45.pdf
LCD Alpha Alpha Numeric LCD Module lcd_module.pdf
7seg Display,LED,0.3",7 Seg,common anode,red 7seg.pdf
ICM7224 4.5 Digit Counter Driver icm7224.pdf
TIL308 Numeric Displays with logic til308.pdf
Relective Relfective and slotted opto switches opto.pdf
PSU & driver devices
Component Description DataSheet
IR2112 High and Low Side driver ir2112.pdf
LM781 Low power 3-Terminal Positive Voltage Regulators lm781.pdf
LM78xx LM78XX Series Voltage Regulators lm78xx.pdf
LM79L Low power 3-Terminal Negative Regulators lm79l.pdf
LML9xx 3-Terminal Negative Regulators lml9xx.pdf
LT1044 Switched Capacitor Voltage Convertor LT1044.pdf
MAX631 Fixed/Adjustable output switching step up regualator max631.pdf
MAX635 Fixed/Adjustable output switching inverting regualator max635.pdf
MC3479 Stepper Motor driver mc3479.pdf
SG3524 Regulating Pulse Width Modulators SG3524.pdf
TL431 Adjustable Precision shunt regulator TL431.pdf
TL494 PWM Control Circuit TL494.pdf
UC3726 isolated drive transmitter UC3726.pdf
ZRA125 1.25V micropower voltage reference ZRA125.pdf
ZRA250 2.50V micropower voltage reference ZRA250.pdf
Temperature Based
Component Description DataSheet
LM35 Precision Centigrade Temperature Sensors LM35.pdf
Light Based
Component Description DataSheet
TBA8200 Infrared Preamplifier TBA8200.pdf
Sound Based
Component Description DataSheet
Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Transducers ultrasonic.pdf
Component Description DataSheet
LM555 LM555 Timer LM555.pdf
LM556 LM556 Timer LM556.pdf
LM566C Voltage Controlled Oscillator LM566C.pdf
Voltage to Frequency
Component Description DataSheet
9400 V/F F/V convertors 9400.pdf