We hold data-sheets on many items that are found in the stores inventory. Click on the appropriate section below for the relevant data sheets.

Logic Data sheets

4000 Series
Component Description Data Sheets
4016B Hex inverting schmitt trigger HEF4016b.pdf
4066B Quad analog switch 4066B.pdf
4093B Quad 2 i/p Nand 4093B.pdf

HC Series
Component Description Data Sheet
74HC00 Quad 2-input NAND gate 74HC00.pdf
74HC02 Quad 2-input NOR gate 74HC02.pdf
74HC03 Quad 2-input NAND gate OC 74HC03.pdf
74HC04 Hex inverting buffer gate 74HC04.pdf
74HC08 Quad 2-input AND gate 74HC08.pdf
74HC10 Triple 3-input NAND gate 74HC10.pdf
74HC11 Triple 3-input AND gate 74HC11.pdf
74HC14 Schmitt Hex inverting gate 74HC14.pdf
74HC20 Dual 4-input NAND gate 74HC20.pdf
74HC27 Triple 3-input NOR gate 74HC27.pdf
74HC30 8-input NAND gate 74HC30.pdf
74HC32 Quad 2-input OR gate 74HC32.pdf
74HC42 BCD to decimal decoder 74HC42.pdf
74HC73 Dual J-K flip flop + clear 74HC73.pdf
74HC74 Dual D type flip flop (E-trig) 74HC74.pdf
74HC75 Dual D type flip flop (4-bit) 74HC75.pdf
74HC76 Dual J-K flip flop + pset/clear 74HC76.pdf
74HC85 4 Bit magnitude comparator 74HC85.pdf
74HC86 Quad 2-input exclusive OR gate 74HC86.pdf
74HC107 Dual J-K flip flop + clear 74HC107.pdf
74HC123 Dual monostable multi vibrator 74HC123.pdf
74HC125 Quad 3-state buffer (Lo enable) 74HC125.pdf
74HC126 Quad 3-state buffer (Hi enable) 74HC126.pdf
74HC132 Quad 2-input SHMITT NAND gate 74HC132.pdf
74HC133 13-input NAND gate 74HC133.pdf
74HC138 3 to 8 line de-mux/decoder 74HC138.pdf
74HC139 Dual 2 to 4 line multiplexer 74HC139.pdf
74HC151 8-input multiplexer 74HC151.pdf
74HC154 4 to 16 line encoder 74HC154.pdf
74HC157 Quad 2 to 1 line multiplexer 74HC157.pdf
74HC158 Quad 2 to 1 line mux (Inverter) 74HC158.pdf
74HC160 BCD counter asynchronous reset 74HC160.pdf
74HC161 BIN counter asynchronous reset 74HC161.pdf
74HC162 BCD counter synchronous reset 74HC162.pdf
74HC163 BIN counter synchronous reset 74HC163.pdf
74HC164 8-bit SIPO shift register 74HC164.pdf
74HC165 8-bit PISO shift register 74HC165.pdf
74HC174 Hex D type flip flop + clear 74HC174.pdf
74HC175 Quad D type flip flop + clear 74HC175.pdf
74HC192 Sync up/down decade counter 74HC192.pdf
74HC193 Sync up/down BIN counter+ clear 74HC193.pdf
74HC194 4-bit universal shift register 74HC194.pdf
74HC195 4-bit parallel shift register 74HC195.pdf
74HC240 Octal 3-state inverting buffer 74HC240.pdf
74HC241 Octal 3-state buffer 74HC241.pdf
74HC244 Octal 3-state buffer 74HC244.pdf
74HC245 Octal 3-state bus tranceiver 74HC245.pdf
74HC251 3-state selector multiplexer 74HC251.pdf
74HC257 Quad 2-input 3-state mux 74HC257.pdf
74HC259 8-bit addressable latch 74HC259.pdf
74HC273 8-bit register + clear 74HC273.pdf
74HC299 8-bit universal store shift reg 74HC299.pdf
74HC365 Hex 2-input NOR enable buffer 74HC365.pdf
74HC367 Hex 3-state buffer 74HC367.pdf
74HC368 Hex 3-state inverting buffer 74HC368.pdf
74HC373 Octal 3-state LATCH 74HC373.pdf
74HC374 Octal 3-state D type flip flop 74HC374.pdf
74HC390 Dual decade counter 74HC390.pdf
74HC393 Dual 4-bit binary counter 74HC393.pdf
74HC563 Octal transparent inv op latch 74HC563.pdf
74HC573 Octal transparent latch 74HC573.pdf
74HC574 Octal edge triggered latch 74HC574.pdf
74HC688 8-bit magnitude comparator 74HC688.pdf
74HC4002 Dual 4-input NOR gate 74HC4002.pdf
74HC4017 Decade/divider counter 74HC4017.pdf
74HC4020 14-bit binary counter 74HC4020.pdf
74HC4040 12-bit binary counter 74HC4040.pdf
74HC4060 14-bit binary counter 74HC4060.pdf
74HC4075 Triple 3-input OR gate 74HC4075.pdf
74HC4078 8-input NOR gate 74HC4078.pdf
74HC4511 BCD to 7 segment latch/driver 74HC4511.pdf
74HC4543 BCD to 7 latched LCD driver 74HC4543.pdf

LS Series
Component Description DataSheet
7407 HEX BUFF/DRIVER with O/C 30V O/P 7407.pdf
74LS47 BCD to 7 SEG 15V 0/C DEC 74LS47.pdf
74LS04 Hex inverting Gate 7404.pdf