We hold data-sheets on many items that are found in the stores inventory. Click on the appropriate section below for the relevant data sheets.

Microprocessors, support and interface Data sheets

Component Description Data Sheet
27C64 EPROM,64K,8K x 8 (CMOS) 120ns 27C64.pdf
27C128 EPROM,128K,16K x 8 (CMOS) 150ns 27C128.pdf
27C256 EPROM,256K,32K x 8 (CMOS) 150ns 27C256.pdf
27C512 EPROM,512K,64K x 8 (CMOS) 150ns 27C512.pdf
Component Description DataSheet
X2816C 5 Volt, Byte Alterable EEPROM (2048 x 8 Bit) x2816c.pdf
Static RAMs
Component Description DataSheet
6264 RAM,static,CMOS,64K,(8Kx8) 6264.pdf
62256 RAM,static,CMOS,256K,(32Kx8) 62256.pdf
Component Description DataSheet
PIC16C84 PIC16C84 Microcontroller PIC16C84.pdf
8031 P80C31 Single chip microcomputer 8031.pdf
Line Drivers
Component Description DataSheet
MAX232 MAX232 Driver/receiver,+5V MAX232.pdf
Component Description DataSheet
ADC0804 ADC0804LCN 8 bit A to D Converter ADC0804.pdf
ZN426E ZN426E 8 bit D to A Converter ZN426.pdf
DAC0808 DAC0808 8-Bit D/A Converters DAC0808.pdf
Component Description DataSheet
DS1233 5V EconoReset switch DS1233.pdf
8255 Programmable Peripheral Interface 8255.pdf
HD4702 CMOS Programmable Bit Rate Generator HD4702.pdf