How to Build a Successful Project

Research Stage

1)    Research your idea and look at previous attempts. Do  not copy someone elses work unless you intend to build on his ideas and take his concept further.

2)    Be creative. Why create a project that is already in mass production? Add a useful function that will make it unique.

Initial Building Stage

1)    Draw a Block Diagram of the stages involved in your design. This will help give a clear picture of the overall (signal) processes or processing involved.

2)    Draw a Circuit Diagram. This will help you in fault finding. You will also need a diagram for your report.

Building Stage

1)    It will help if you use the suggested wiring colour code:-

RED wire for Positive Supply

BLACK wire for Zero Volts.

BLUE wire for Negative Supply

YELLOW wire for AC Supplies.

Use other colours for signals and interconnecting components.

2)    Be neat in laying out your wiring. This will help in replacing components and allow other people such as your supervisor to understand and check your project.

Normally you can use Bimbord for your circuits unless they are operating at high frequencies.