School Robots

This web site provides information for BEng and BSc Students on the main laboratories they will be using during their studying. This site is not meant to compete with Studynet but to operate in parallel with it providing information to help you get the most from the School.


Although designed as a cleaning robot, the Roomba and be programmed to do other tasks.

Roomba Cleaner

There is a maintinance manual , and several programming extentions are avaliable.

Open Source C# Programming Framework for iRobot Create

Open Source C++ Programming Framework for iRobot Create


pioneer robot

Activmedia Robotics PIONEER 2 DX is a two wheel drive 20 kg payload compact, computer-controlled mobile robot for research on self guided system, exploration of unknown environments and indoor applications.

The robot is controlled from a remote PC, running either Linux or Windows, via radio-modem. An on-board microcontroller handles the low-level tasks, such as motor control, sensor processing and communication.Pioneer 2 DX is equipped with 16 low-cost Polaroid ultrasonic range finders, used for obstacle avoidance and for the map-building process. Energy is supplied by 3 lead-acid batteries which ensure a run time of about 8 hours at a speed of 1,6 m/sec.

The robot comes with P2OS, a small operating system for the on-board microcontroller which makes very easy programming of higher level tasks, such as path planning, map building and localization. Each of these tasks is performed on the remote PC and can be easily implemented in standard C/C++ language.