We hold data-sheets on many items that are found in the stores inventory. Click on the appropriate section below for the relevant data sheets.


Component Description Data Sheet
1N4148 small signal diode 1n4148.pdf
BAT49 small signal schottky diode bat49.pdf
1N4007 1.0 Ampere General Purpose Rectifiers 1N4007.pdf
UF4007 1.0 Ampere Ultra fast Rectifier UF4007.pdf


Component Description DataSheet
2N222a High Speed Switches 2n222a.pdf
2N3904 General Purpose amplifier 2n3904.pdf
BC547 General Purpose Transistor BC547.pdf
BC549 General Purpose Transistor BC549.pdf
BD437 BD437 Power Transistor bd437_8.pdf


Component Description DataSheet
2N3906 General Purpose amplifier 2n3906.pdf
BC557 General Purpose Transistor BC557.pdf
BC559 General Purpose Transistor BC559.pdf
BD438 BD438 Power Transistor BD437_8.pdf

N Channel Mosfets

Component Description DataSheet
IRF630 Enhanced mode power mos transistor IRF630.pdf
J309 N channel FET J309.pdf
VN10KM N channel MOS transistor VN10KM.pdf

P Channel Mosfets

Component Description DataSheet
IRF9630 Hexfet Power mosfet IRF9630.pdf

Thryistors and Triacs

Component Description DataSheet
TIC126D Thryistor 400V 12A TIC126.pdf
TIC246M Triac 600V 16A TIC246.pdf