The Radio Amateur Examination (RAE)

If you pass the City & Guilds 7650 Radio Amateur Examination, you can get a UK Class 'B' Amateur Radio Licence. This allows you to transmit on the VHF Amateur Bands (50 MHz and above).

If you want to transmit on the HF or 'short wave' bands where world-wide communication is possible, you need a Class 'A' or 'A/B' Licence. To obtain a Class 'A' Licence, you need to pass the RAE and a 12 words per minute Morse Code test. For A/B the Morse test is 5 words per minute, which is easy.

For the RAE, you need your own copy of the book 'Radio Amateurs Examination Manual', 16th edition by Case and Claytonsmith (ISBN 1-872309-45-3). This new edition has been extensively revised for the new syllabus and contains many more practice questions.