This web site provides information for BEng and BSc Students on the main laboratories they will be using during their studying. This site is not meant to compete with Studynet but to operate in parallel with it providing information to help you get the most from the School.

There is a library of data sheets on the majority of semiconductors held in the component stores, An alphabetical list of the main electronic component manufactures is also included.

Component orders on line

There is an on line ordering system for placing the orders.

Help Sheets on laboratory equipment

A collection of help sheets on various software and equipment together with some quick reference manuals for each laboratory is included with a list and picture link to the Manuals. It is intended to expand this collection over a period of time.

Some software manuals are included in the site with links to manufactures sites where applicable.

For Project work there are help sheets on the following topics:

Soldering Techniques

Fault finding Techniques

Choosing Components


There is general information on laboratory safety when working on projects along with information on First Aiders, Fire Procedures