General Laboratory Rules

Do not eat, drink or smoke in the laboratory.

Please read any local risk assessments or safe systems of working related to any equipment before using it. Make sure you follow any risk assessement written for you own project.

Safety Policy – Students’ Responsibilities

The University of Hertfordshire has a written Safety Policy in which students are expected to accept the same responsibilities in relation to the Safety Policy as members of the University’s staff.

All Final Year Students are required to complete a Risk Assessment Form and hand into their supervisor before starting their project.

Chemicals or Gases If your projects involves detecting gases please consult with the laboratory technician. Your supervisor and technicians must be aware of any chemicals or gases you are using.

This will apply to you if you are building an 'electronic nose'.

High Voltage or Mains operated (240 volt AC) Any project involving 240 volts or High Voltage must be checked by your supervisor and the laboratory technician before you switch on.